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Our Biggest Perk is Back! - 1 Free Exam Retake for a limited time*

* Restrictions Apply. Only need to purchase a new exam access code for $30.

Must book Training & Exam with pre-work completed prior to the registered exam date.

Must score at least 60% initially and book exam before 8/31/23

Young Businesswomen


Learn about food-borne illness, how to prevent it and how to train employees in food sanitation, safe alcohol service, and allergen handling. Training is available 6 days a week. Exceeds requirements by the FDA and State/Local health departments. Programs are accredited by ANSI and the conference for food protection. Food Manager certification is required by most restaurants and state/local health departments as a requirement for their food manager staff. We offer nationally accredited food safety, alcohol, and allergen certifications from Prometric© and ServSafe©.

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Based on the FDA's "New Era of Smarter Food Safety". Participants will experience a series of scheduled guided experiences with one of our certified food safety consultants to review the types of things a health inspector looks for, and how the team can help protect your brand image.

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